After the holiday break its time to think about keeping fit for the next season while enjoying yourself. So start off slowly

enjoy a game  of basketball to give you a skill of placing the ball where it needs to go them drift onto the field and why not get some of the basketball players to join in the game of summer rugger.

In RUGBY in Warwickshire CV21/22 in the United Kingdom

in the World and on the Planet we are looking at ways to encourage youngsters to join the Game of Rugby and one way is through Summer Rugger

Summer Rugger NEWS

Now the Rugger season comes to an end

for the summer it is time to look forward to the next season.

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Summer Rugger is based in RUGBY ( home of the game )

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Aptitude and mindset comes with experience and effort.

Getting to the right mindset can come through training

the brain and developed over time. Playing for success

requires , as in most careers , shutting out what else is happening in your life and concentrating on the game 

​on that day, at that time , and on your skill .


The key to it all is enjoyment .If we want the stars of tomorrow we need to start today. This idea can be used 

in your own country . Sport of any kind should be fun in

the first place and as a competitor progresses the skill and mindset can develop to create the super players 

​that thrill the viewers and fellow competitors.

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Summer Rugger





​The Game of Rugby is a TEAM game and it has to be a team who enjoy playing together. When that works winning follows and success is all part of it.

THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME       through the months of  May ,  June , July , August


In Rugby we have 5 Rugby Football clubs,

Rugby Lions , AEI RFC , 

Old Laurentians ,Newbold

​RFC , St Andrews RFC .

The idea of cross skilling in sport is not new and playing another sport which requires a similar skill from a different perspective only opens the mind to thinking on your feet ,

quicker reaction to events as they happen and enjoying yourself through the summer months.

As you approach the new season that is the time to tighten up your skills and get back into the structure of the game.

To strengthen up and get into the mindset of the game.

To work as a team and bind together.